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Comment "I want" and I will give you ten actors and ten actresses. Then post in your LJ with your favorite films of theirs

vickysg1  gave me these

1. Brad Pitt : Well for me it’s
A River Runs Through It, I love this movie and Brad Pitt was so good.
2. Liam Neeson : Love actually because this movie is just fabulous ^^
3. Colin Firth :
Bridget Jones's Diary
4. Pierce Brosnan : I hate the Jame Bond movies so for me Mamma Mia ;)
Philippe Noiret : Ripoux contre Ripoux
6. Michel Serrault : La cage aux folles
Robert Downey Jr. : The soloist
8. Matt Damon :
Good Will Hunting
9. Robert de Niro :
Once Upon a Time in America
10. Hugh Laurie : Stuart Little this  is the only movie with Hugh that I saw…

1. Emma Thompson :
Last Chance Harvey
2. Maggie Smith : Harry Potter
3. Anne Hathaway : Jane Austen
4. Amy Adams : 
Sunshine Cleaning
5. Julie Walters : Billy Elliott but she’s so funny in Mamma Mia too
6. Mary McDonnell :
Dances with Wolves
7. Nathalie Baye :
Catch Me if You Can (sorry this the only movie that I saw with Nathalie) LOL
8. Isabelle Hupert : never saw a movie with Isabelle sorry
9. Catherine Deneuve : same answer as the previous one I know I know but I’m not a big fan about French movies
10. Rosario Dawson :
Seven Pounds

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