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05 July 2010 @ 05:41 pm
120 icons and 7 banners  
[001][002]movie :The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
[003][006]movie :Batman Begins
[007][012]actor :Brad Pitt
[013][032]movie :Bright Star
[033][035]actors :Colin Firth, Heath Ledger
[036][041]tv :House
[042][044]actors :Juliette Binoche, James Dean
[046][053]actor :Jeffrey Dean Morgan
[054][057]actor/musician :Johnny Depp, Josh Groban
[058][062]musician/actor :Jimi Hendrix, Joshua Jackson, Jack Johnson
[063][070]musician :John Mayer
[071][075]actress/movie :Kate Winslet, Manhunter
[076][077]actress :Marion Cotillard
[078][083]actress :Marg Helgenberger
[084][089]actress :Meryl Streep
[090][095]movie :Pride&Prejudice (2005)
[096][098]actors :Russell Crowe, Robert Downey Jr
[099][103]actor :Robert Pattinson
[104][120]Stock icons

Banners : Johnny Depp, Robert Pattinson, Bright Star, stock and John Mayer


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